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AdBlock Absolution

Feel free to use AdBlock on YouTube without fear of damaging my monetisation figures. Your support for the work that I do is greatly appreciated.

Website Advert Removal

Much like with the AdBlock absolution, I would offer my thanks for your support by removing all advertising from my website, once your account on the site is associated with your Patreon handle. This benefit will last for as long as you pledge at any level. The only exclusion to this is the addition of minimal, unobtrusive advertising still being shown by investors at the highest level of support on Patreon.

Exclusive Patron Only Content

On my patreon feed, I will be posting exclusive content, including behind the scenes footage, blooper reels, Q&As, and more.

Patron Only Competitions and Giveaways

Once the Patreon community grows to a level that can sustain it, I will be hosting regular competitions and giveaways. Prizes will include free Perk upgrades, Steam game code giveaways, sponsored product giveaways, and mystery boxes.