Pledge Details: Patron

All Previous Level Perks

All levels of support stack on top of each other, so whichever level of support you sign up to, you also receive the benefits from all lower levels.

Added to Hall of Patrons

Within every game that offers the ability to, I will honour my Patrons by constructing, or dedicating a space for my Patrons. The Hall of Patrons will be an on-going project throughout each series, and revisited many times to be updated with new names. Inactive patrons will still be honoured for as long as the season lasts.

Patron Only Website Access

On my website, I have a number of sections of the site that are only available to certain levels of support. You will only see the sponsorship and advertising guidelines if you are signed up at that level, and will only see the game server information if you are whitelisted. Whatever level you offer your support at, there will be content that you can view.

Patron Only Discord Access

My Discord channel is a place you can come and hang out with other patrons; catch up on the latest news; host voice conferences and raid groups, and do about anything else you want to do with a voice chat channel. I have set up dedicated rooms for different games, raiding groups, and discussions. If you wish for a private channel to be opened, I can give you a password protected channel upon request.

Added to the Patron Name Pool

Within games that allow you to give things custom names, I will use the Patron Name Pool. You could be a vampire dwarf in Dwarf Fortress, a city that ends up getting sacked in Civilisation, an epic dinosaur in ARK, a space system in Stellaris, or a cavalier that ends up going insane in Darkest Dungeon. This is an opt out perk, and you can remove your name from the pool at any time. The only exclusion to this perk is if your name goes against my Content Commitment Guidelines.