Pledge Details: Early Investor

All Previous Level Perks

All levels of support stack on top of each other, so whichever level of support you sign up to, you also receive the benefits from all lower levels.

Direct Brand Influence

Early Investors will allow me to really kick-start my channel, and this community. You will be able to have direct input into how the brand grows, and how your money is best spent to serve the community. Cloud servers? Hardware? Software? Branding? You’ll be able to have your say on each aspect, as the community grows.

Beta Testing Rights

You will be able to be a Beta Tester for all game servers, mods, applications, and games that I set up.

Exclusive Investor Only Content

You will gain access to a number of different analytics about my channel, my website, and my brand. You’ll be able to see how your money was spent, and where. 100% of all money donated at this tier will go into developing and growing my brand.

Patreon Tier Switching

Once the Patreon community grows to a level that can sustain it, perks at a similar level to those at this tier will be added. This will include the Beta Testing Program, Whitelisting for game servers, and more. At this point, you may switch to any of the other tiers, or stay at this tier, as a Legacy tier. Legacy members will receive additional perks and recognition, as decided at the time.

FTP File Repository Access

Here, I host all of my software development project files, custom frameworks, graphical designs, some rushes, and unreleased footage, and any world downloads, mods, maps, and game related files.