Pledge Details: Contributor

All Whitelisted Level Perks

All levels of support stack on top of each other, so whichever level of support you sign up to, you also receive the benefits from all lower levels.

Hear Your Music in my Videos

I am always looking for music to feature within my videos. Whether it be atmospheric background music, time-lapse overlay music, battle music, or cinematic music. If you produce Royalty Free music that is suitable for use on YouTube, I will be able to feature your music.

All music should preferably be instrumental, but any lyrics must be clean, and suitable for general viewing. Most music I use will be around three to five minutes long, but atmospheric background music could be as long as 30 minutes. All credit for the music will be given to you, and I will feature your music, standalone, on my music playlist.

Base and Server Tours

Do you run a server, or play on a server that I can visit? You can give me a guided tour around all of your builds. I will record it, and feature it on my website, and on YouTube. The tour can be as a single video, or set over a series of videos.